Outrage over brutal murder of Oyo private university student

Nigerians have taken to microblogging site by his colleague. Saturday for a complaint that he stole a cell phone.

The student was allegedly beaten to death inside a hostel known as Shepherd Inn on the school premises.

After he was allegedly discovered in possession of the stolen cellphone, PUNCH Metro reported that his attackers had allegedly forcibly shaved his (the deceased’s) hair.

A source from the school who spoke on condition of anonymity to our correspondent due to the sensitivity of the matter stated that the deceased was beaten from 6 pm on Friday until approximately 10 am on Saturday.

“They said they caught him with a stolen phone. They started beating him from 6 pm yesterday (Friday) until he died around 10 am today (Saturday).

“The incident occurred at the ‘Shepherd Inn.’ Now it’s like a hostel or hostel. They also shaved his hair before beating him,” he said.

Two different videos that were shared with our correspondent on Saturday night showed the deceased rolling on the hostel floor while other students beat him with sticks.

In one of the videos, one of the students could be heard encouraging the other students to hit the deceased “harder, harder.”

The varsity said on Saturday that it had expelled some of the students who had been involved in the incident that resulted in the death of its colleague as a quick response to the situation and at the same time dismissed the claim that the suspects were members of a cult group.

The school, through its spokesperson, Femi Atoyebi, described the incident as “the unfortunate death of the student.”

The varsity stated: “Contrary to the trend, the university claims that there is no cultism in the institution, just as the university has zero tolerance for any kind of anti-social vices and misconduct. It is important to emphasize that the expelled students do not belong to any sectarian group.

“What really happened is that the deceased had supposedly stolen a mobile phone, but instead of reporting the incident to the university management, the expelled students could not control their emotions. His actions caused the unfortunate death of the student.

“The university has taken swift action by handing over all the students involved to the Nigerian Police for investigation, with the assurance that justice will be served.”

However, Nigerians have continued to demand a thorough investigation and justice for the murdered student.

Leading the group is an activist from Itsekiri in Warri Kingdom, identified as @Lord_of_Warri, who, in a letter titled “An Open Letter to His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State: Regarding the Tragic Murder of Prince Alex Timileyi of the Warri Kingdom at Crowther University, Oyo State,” described the murdered student as a prince and first cousin of the Olú of the Warri Kingdom, Ogiamè Atuwatsé III.

The letter was copied to contacts of the state governor, the Nigerian Police, President Bola Tinubu and the Department of State Services, among others.

The activist regretted that the student’s death has left an indelible mark on the Itsekiri people, and urged the governor to “ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice.”

The tweet read in part: “This incident has left us deeply saddened and concerned for the safety of students in schools not only in Oyo State but in Nigeria as a whole. As Itsekiri people, we appeal to you, Oyo State Governor Makinde, to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice.”

He demanded that security agents “conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and ensure that justice is done. The perpetrators of this heinous act must be held accountable and face the full wrath of the law. We cannot allow the murder of an Itsekiri prince to go unpunished.

“It is important for His Excellency to know that the Yoruba and Itsekiri people are the same. Allowing these murderers to go free would be equivalent to allowing the murderers of their relatives to go unpunished, without seeking justice.”

@Jessica_Egbedi wrote: “Now he is dead, how sad… Why didn’t they hand him over to the school authority?”

“I feel traumatized watching this video. There is no difference between them (the suspects) and Boko Haram. I believe tyranny and lawlessness are predominant traits in the average Nigerian.

“We may not trust @PoliceNG to deliver justice, but that doesn’t justify taking the law into our hands,” @Jojo_Amandy wrote in part.

Additionally, @FaventM posted: “The ‘leaders’ of tomorrow. Most are born with comfort but lack basic etiquette. From the ghetto to the wealthy environment, everything is cocktails of bad behavior; They only differ in shapes and figures.”

Another tweeter posting under the name @HENRYDAVIE10116 said: “This is not a good image for Church of England University. “I am sure the church fathers will sanction the management and conduct a thorough investigation into the hostel management and student affairs of the university.”

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